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Welsh Ponies and Cobs For Sale
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GlanNant Bard





Desert Storm


Cross Creek Alphabet Soup

(Bristol Safire x Glynhafan Rasberry Twist)

Congratulations to Owner Susan Gregorio and Trainer Sarah Bates on exceptional wins at Kody's first driving competition.


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Cross Creek Alphabet Soup

2018 Half-Welsh Filly








We have several Section B Welsh for sale at this time.
Several have been started.
Currently we have one that is finished and has been shown successfully among ponies and horses, AND is quiet enough for leadline.

Cross Creek Alphabet Soup

Trained and successfully shown in Long Island NY Ember is now being leased to Sarah Stinneford Equestrian in Newfoundland NJ as a lesson pony. Ember is 8 yr old and very safe with children of any age. Ember is for sale.


Consideration is given to serious show homes. We can talk about what they are worth for your program.
Please feel free to share.
Thanks, Sara Bloomer
Before 1:30 p.m.



We breed to the Welsh Breed Standard and our goal has always been to produce top-quality Welsh ponies which are shown under saddle, driving, and in-hand, all possessing the original excellent Welsh pony temperaments and durability for a long performance career.

Elegance does not mean refined.
True Welsh are not refined, but are elegant in their look and way of going nonetheless.
True Welsh are true to the Welsh Breed Standard and any color except piebald and skewbald.


Clanfair Eclipse




  by Desert Storm by Glynhafan Rasberry Twist by Clanfair Eclipse
by GlanNant Bard by Bristol Victorio
by Glynhafan Rasberry Twist   

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White Markings

 The breed description of Welsh ponies and cobs states no piebald and skewbald.
Piebald and skewbald describe the physical appearance of the colour regardless of the genetics behind it. Cambridge English dictionary definition of skewbald is: “(an animal, especially a horse) having large white and brown-coloured areas of hair on its body”; piebald – obviously with black coloured areas.

The reasons for maintaining this:

·        Maintains the breed standard to the breed description as laid down by the founders of WPCS as the breed description is based on the phenotype and not genotype.

·        Ensure there is not an increase in excessive white markings among the breeding population and the number of excessive white markings will remain constant.

·        By allowing mare’s progeny to be registered means that a favourite old bloodline would not be lost.

·        Society maintains control of the appearance of the breed at least in colour – not left to judges.

·        As excessed white ponies and cobs would be eligible for registration with CHAPS - not allowing them
to register in the main studbook would not mean devaluing the animal.

Measure of excess white:

White head and white legs have always been acceptable as have belly splashes that were below
an imaginary line referred to as the Bowen line; (due to the society vet that introduced it) that
ran from the point of shoulder to the top of the stifle. Any white marking joined continuously
from a white marking below this point was acceptable. White markings with undefined edges
were considered roaning and were acceptable no matter where they appeared.

Any solid white marking with a clearly defined edge over 3 inches (7.6cm) in diameter above
the ‘Bowen’ line were not permissible. Any animal with borderline markings were put before
Council for a decision.