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Sussex, New Jersey





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Casmaran Welsh Legacy


13h ½inch, 15 years, Jumps 3' 2""



Owned and beloved by Sue and Gabby Bysheim
Arapaho, North Carolina






Supreme Champion
GlanNant Bard
(GlanNant Ballad - GlanNant Sonnet)

May 14, 1978 - January 13, 2004

Proven Sire of Champion halter and performance ponies AND


USEF 2007 LEADING PONYHUNTER SIRE #113 with 758 points

USEF 2006 LEADING PONYHUNTER SIRE #74 with 2382 points

USEF 2005 LEADING PONYHUNTER SIRE #29 with 7638 points

USEF 2004 LEADING PONYHUNTER SIRE #47 with 4491 points

USEF 2003 LEADING PONYHUNTER SIRE #30 with 7336.5 points

Bard's Sire, GlanNant Ballad - 2007 USEF #7 Leading Welsh Sire and 2007 USEF #176 Leading Pony Hunter Sire

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January 13, 2004





Kressley's Talaria Buckeye Surprise Coed Coch Blaen Lleuad Criban Victor Criban Winston Coed Coch Glyndwr
Criban Whalebone Mathrafal Broadcast
Criban Mulberry
Berwyn Beauty Tan y Bwlch Berwyn Sahara
Brynhir Black Star
Dinarth Wonderlight Bowdler Brightlight
Irfon Marvel
Revel Wild Wind Pendock Zenith Vardra Sunstar Criban Pebble
Vardra Charm
Pendock Bluebell Bowdler Blue Boy
Craven Toscanini
Revel Winsome Revel George Criban Dusty Lad
Usk Valley Welsh Lass
Revel Welsh Lass Grove Sprightly
Grove Peep O Day
Tan Lan Briallen Brierwood White King Criban Historical Bolgoed Squire Criban Cockade
Criban Busy Bee
Criban Dundee Mathrafal Tuppence
Criban Bay Leaf
Criban White Wings Criban Grey Grit Mathrafal Tuppence
Criban Flapper
Criban White Jane Forest Blue Squire
Forest Nell Black Swell
Cui Cathy Cwm Cream of Eppynt Forest Blue Banner Caer Beris King Cole
Fairwood the Nun
Caer Beris Faith



Talaria was purchased as a young mare. She had been trained to drive Roadster, why I'll never know.
We had her trained to ride in 1 month and she became my favorite ride. Laura and I would go trail riding while I was pregnant with Sara, down the roads, thru the woods and fields ........ singing all the way. Talaria was a true people pony, she greeted you every morning with a nicker. She had absolutely no vices and would do whatever asked, and go wherever asked.  During our move Talaria was lent to a family who used her well and took very good care of her. This family belonged to the Hunterdon County Hunt Club where the daughter entered Talaria in the "Pony Races". Talaria's roadster training served her very well as she either came in second and once won the pony races (against ponies and small thorobreds :) When the family moved Talaria came home and lived to the ripe old age of 39. She is missed to this day, when I go outside and see one of the grey mares I think "Oh, Talaria" only then realizing that she is only with us now in spirit. No one could have asked for a better pony. Legacy has his mom's sweet and willing disposition.
Talaria was shown in her "heyday", the early 80's, winning several halter classes in local shows, and being pinned Champion mare at the Sussex County Show. Laura showed her in pleasure and hunter and did very well, especially when Talaria was bred. For some reason when she was in foal she forgot about going fast! (Darn that Roadster training.) Denise


Here is Talaria at 37 years. I could still ride her,
though mostly she was the queen of the place.
Was she 'fancy', no. But she had the bone, substance, correct conformation, and the quality to always get a job done.

Can you see the cob in her?
This is what you want in a section B mare for breeding and for ridng.
Yes, you can breed a fancy pony from her type of mare,
and you will not get a pony with weedy body and bone that will break down in a couple of years.



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