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GlanNant Fairytale

(Sire: 26498 GlanNant Bard - Dam: Liseter Animated Topaz)

I came across a photo of our beloved pony , Maggie, on your website when I was doing some research on her ancestry. I would love to share some photos with you of what she looks like now and to commend you on breeding such a lovely pony. She is a very special little girl and everyone who knows her loves her to pieces. Best Wishes, Sophia


It is truly touching to come across a breeder that loves her ponies as sincerely as it seems you do! Maggie is a truly special pony and she surely knows it! I work at The Southlands Foundation in Rhinebeck, NY ( Both me and my sister, Lucy, were the ones to find Maggie and pick her up. Upon taking her home, we put our 7 yr old little sister on her and instantly knew she was a treasure of a pony. We have a woman that works on many of our horses who does energy balancing and some "animal communication" and she expressed to us that Maggie had long felt under appreciated and that we needed to constantly remind her what a pretty, perfect girl she was! Trust me...she hears it ALL THE TIME now. While Southlands has a therepeutic riding program, it is a small aspect of our not for profit farm and she is not used in that portion. She has been used lightly in lessons as we are not the type of barn to over use our lesson horses. However, Maggie has spent the year here being half leased by the little girl in that photo and the amount of love Maggie receives from her daily is unbelievable. She comes to the ring every day all decked out in pink and sparkles and she very much likes it! We actually came across the photo of Maggie on Saturday night, the night before we were going to a horse show with Maggie. Sarah, the young girl who leases her, almost cried when she saw the photo of her as a baby and instantly printed it out and even came to the horse show the next morning with it in her pocket to show Maggie! She giggled at her mother's forelock as it seems that is DEFINITELY something Maggie inherited...we joke that we could make a tail from her forelock and braiding it is quite the chore.
Rest assured, Maggie lives a wonderful life on 200 acres of beautiful, protected land where she is admired every day. Maggie is smoothly transitioning into the life of an adored children's pony quite smoothly. She shows often with Sarah in the Short Stirrup (and was champion this past weekend!) and has often done some children's pony hunters with an older rider at the farm. She has the BIGGEST step around and wins absolutely any hack she is in. She also has a best friend named Mikey who she spends all day being turned out with. I can promise you that we will all love her forever. Thank you for producing such a fine pony and I believe its fate that such a pretty girl ended up in our hands! I have LOADS of photos of her and Sarah's family has some stunning ones of her jumping that I'll be sure to get to you.

Please keep in touch and if you have any other "baby Maggie" photos we would all love to have our heart melted at that baby face of hers!!  Warmly, Sophia
P.S-check out our webpage bc there are photos of maggie all over!

Just wanted to pass this along to you as she is featured in our donation brochure as one of our success stories. Also, if you are ever in our area please give us a call and we would love to show you around and I'm sure Maggie would love to see you!


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Maggie and her very best friend Sarah.
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